John J. Geoghegan

Editor, Journalist, Author


Journalist and Author

My favorite thing is to write about unusual inventions that fail in the marketplace despite their innovative nature. I helped popularize the phrase, “White Elephant Technology” to describe these inventions and have written numerous articles, authored two books, and co-written a PBS documentary about them.  In addition to writing about unusual inventions, I'm the author of a non-fiction adventure story, a memoir, and a variety of short stories that explore the humorous side of the human condition. In other words, I enjoy working across a variety of literary genres. To learn more about me, click here. To see a sampling of my magazine and newspaper articles, click here.  To view the books I've written, click here.

Editorial Services

Whether you need an assessment of your novel, memoir or non-fiction work; an editor to polish or proofread your manuscript; or a ghostwriter to help tell your story, I bring nearly 30 years of professional writing experience to your editorial project.  With three non-fiction books to my name, over 100 magazine and newspaper articles in print, and years working in the book publishing, newspaper, and magazine industries, my personal, hands-on approach can help you to achieve your writing goals. Click here for more information.


"As a writer, I’ve benefited from John’s wisdom through four books. A master at understanding how to meet reader expectations, John zeroes in on a writer’s intention, applauds what's going right, and nails that unnecessary bit of exposition or missed opportunity to drive the story forward."

— K. M., author of 8 commercially published novels