Editorial Services + Pricing


I've not only worked in book publishing, I've been employed as a newspaper and magazine editor, am the author of three books (one I agented myself), and have written over one hundred magazine and newspaper articles.  As a result, I understand how to navigate the often confusing sometimes contradictory world of book publishing. Importantly, I can help polish your novel, ghostwrite your memoir, or help bring to fruition that story you always wanted to tell so it has the best chance of being accepted by the competitive publishing world.

Editorial services range in price from $55-$85 an hour depending on the service required. Services and cost are described on the right side of this page.



Writing should be a joy. When it's not I can help you overcome the barriers.


There are many keys I can show you to unlock the secrets of better writing. 


We've all been there but there's no reason to stay there. Overcoming writing obstacles is a lot easier than you may think.


With over 30 years of professional writing experience I can help you achieve your literary goals. Click here for a free consultation.


Need to find a literary agent? Don't know which publishing house is best for you? Wondering what a "standard" publishing contract should contain? Want to understand the difference between traditional publishers, hybrid publishers, and self-publishing? Harness my experience on both sides of the publisher’s desk to better understand how to get your book published. 

Written assessments cost $85 an hour. Click the button to discuss your project and receive a free cost estimate for a customized publishing strategy.

ASSESSING your Manuscript

Once you've finished your memoir, novel, or work of nonfiction (but before you're ready to submit it to a literary agent or publisher) let me read and assess it to make sure it's at its best for submission.  Assessments include detailed written feedback on story structure, character development, narrative arc, pacing, scene building, and dialogue. Assessments also include a one hour, face-to-face meeting, or Skype/FaceTime conversation.

Assessments generally run $1,000 depending on length of book. Click the button below for a free consultation and project estimate.

Book Proposals

I have extensive experience writing book proposals that get picked up by literary agents and publishing house editors starting with four of my own. As a result, I bring an understanding of what agents and editors are looking for.

Costs vary depending on book genre and length of proposal.  Click below for a free consultation and project estimate.

Developmental editing

Whether you're just beginning to write, or struggling to finish I can help you shape your novel, memoir, or non-fiction book for maximum impact. Developmental editing includes working closely with you on such things as plot and character development, dialogue, and narrative arc and story structure. 

Developmental editing runs $85 per hour. Click the button below for a free consultation and project estimate. 


Harness my 30 years of writing experience and three, nonfiction books to ghostwrite your memoir, how-to, or business-related book. 

Ghostwriting prices vary depending on length and book genre but generally start at $10,000. Click the button below for a free consultation and project estimate. 

One-Time consultation

Maybe all you need is advice on a specific problem that's troubling you. If so, a single consultation may be enough.

Single consultations cost $85 and run an hour. They can be conducted either in person, by Skype or FaceTime, or via email Click on the button below to schedule an appointment. 

editorial services

Proof reading, copy editing, line editing, and formatting services are also available. They range in price from $55 to $70 an hour depending on the type of service needed.  Click the button below for a free consultation and project estimate.